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Info sheets

We’ve collected information sheets to use in both individual and group sessions. These sheets are available for download here. If you have any questions or feedback, please shoot us a message



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1. What is a psychologist?

Psychologists have completed 5-8 years of university studies in the area of the mind and human behaviour. They have undertaken professional and supervised training so that they can assist people in dealing with mental health and lifestyle issues. Numerous regulations and professional development requirements need to be met for someone to become a registered psychologist. However, no such restrictions exist for those who call themselves therapists or counsellors. This is why it is important to ask for a qualified psychologist when looking for help with mental health issues. Psychologists do not prescribe medication but can work with GPs or psychiatrists who may prescribe medication as part of treatment. Click here for further information. 

2. What are the benefits of psychology?

Studies consistently show that psychology services are beneficial for those dealing with life problems. Some people attend psychology services for general assistance whilst others may be clearly dealing with a crisis or long-term problem and are stressed, depressed or anxious. To gain the maximum benefits of psychology, individuals need to play an active role by working with their psychologist to understand their thoughts, feelings and actions. 

3. How long does each session go for?

A standard session is approximately 50 minutes.

4. Do you have after hours services?

Yes. Whilst we do not offer appointments on weekends, we have limited sessions available from 5pm on most weekdays.

5. What is the cost of a psychology session?

Our fees differ slightly depending on the psychologist and the time of the appointment but we aim to make our services affordable. Please contact reception on (03) 9495 6261 to find out more about our fees. Medicare or Private Health Insurance rebates can apply.

6. What is the Medicare rebate?

The Medicare rebate makes accessing psychology services more affordable by providing a significant rebate for 10 sessions per calendar year (January to December).  The amount you get back depends on both the type of psychologist you see and how much you have spent in out-of-pocket Medicare expenses throughout the calendar year: Rebates increase further once if you have reached the Medicare safety net threshold per calendar year. Click here for further information. 

7. How do I access the Medicare rebate?

You can get the Medicare rebates by explaining your mental health concerns and requesting a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP or psychiatrist. It is polite to book an extended consultation with your GP so that they have enough time to develop the care plan with you. Once you bring your care plan to your appointment, our HICAPS machine allows you to complete the rebate for you on the spot with funds transferred directly to your bank account.

8. Are there Private Health Insurance rebates?

Depending on your level of extras cover, you will be able to claim a rebate from your Private Health Care Provider. Rebates vary depending on your level of cover so please contact you provider for further details. Simply bring your private health care card and our HICAPS machine can process your rebate on the spot so that you only need to pay the gap. Each psychology session can only offer rebates from Medicare or your private health insurance.  Click here for further information. 

9. Are my sessions confidential?

Yes. All personal information gathered by the psychologist during the provision of the psychological service will remain confidential and secure except where:

  • It is subpoenaed by a court or required by law; or

  • Failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk; or

  • Your prior approval has been obtained to

    • Provide a written report to another professional or agency. eg. a GP or a lawyer; or

    • Discuss the material with another person, eg. a parent or employer.

Please note that if you have been referred by a medical professional on a Medicare plan, then it is usual practice to provide a written report after the first, sixth and tenth sessions. You can advise if you do not wish for this to occur for any reason.

10. Can I request reports?

Yes. Reports can be written for court and custody matters, TAC clients, WorkCover clients, schools, employers, doctors and centrelink. Pre-payment is generally required before a report is released.

11. What should I expect from my first consultation?

As part of providing a psychological service, your psychologist will invite you to discuss the issues that are causing you concern and what you hope to achieve. Any questions you may have can be discussed and goals set for future appointments.

12. How many sessions will I need?

Because the therapeutic process is different for every individual, the number of sessions you need will depend upon your own unique circumstances. Some people see changes in a small number of sessions, while others may take longer. 

13. What are the cancellation fees?

At The Mind Room, we ask for at least 48 hours notice if you need to cancel or postpone your appointment. Less than 48 hours notice will be charged 50% of the consultation fee whilst 100% of the consultation is charged if you do not attend. We also attempt to send you a courtesy email reminder prior to your appointment.

14. Do you have group sessions?

Yes. We have developed an Urban Mind series of group programs for adults, to help you manage the stressors and issues of modern living and learn how to flourish. Medicare rebates can also apply by obtaining a group mental health care plan. For more information, see our groups & events page.