Clinical + counselling psychology

These individual or couple sessions are designed for the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of people with mental health issues (e.g., depression, anxiety, excessive stress or worry) as a result of a mental illness or due to life events (e.g., bereavement, relationship breakdown, job loss, accident, injury, trauma, relocation or retirement).

Referral is usually via your doctor (GP) or psychiatrist but you can also self-refer. Medicare rebates apply if you doctor refers you on a mental health care plan. Private health rebates may apply - check with your health care fund.


Coaching + performance psychology

These individual or small group sessions are designed for people wanting to enhance their wellbeing or performance. The focus is usually on key life domains (e.g., career, parenting, career, study, health, sport and leisure). Issues addressed include identifying your values, strengths, passion, meaning in life, motivation, confidence, goal setting and self-management.

These sessions are not intended for anyone with current mental health issues (see clinical and counselling psychology), so Medicare rebates do not apply. Sessions can be payed for individually or as a package (e.g. for employees).


Mental conditioning for sports performance

Interested in sports performance? This mental conditioning program helps you or your team understand how to harness your mind and bodies potential to perform at your peak more often.

Core skills include:

  • Mindful performance: How to focus attention to match the demands of your sporting performance
  • Resilient performance: How to cope with negative thoughts, emotions & physical stress
  • Peak performance: How to perform at your peak potential more consistently and more often

Facilitated by Sport & Performance Psychologist Michael Inglis, who has a unique blend of evidence-based knowledge and applied experience working with individual athletes (e.g., cycling, athletics, gymnastics) and teams (e.g., current performance psychologist for AFL North Melbourne Kangaroos; Holden Cycling team). This program can be tailored to your needs and empowers any high performer - athlete, coach, teams - to fulfil their performance potential.


We love teaching people the latest evidence-based psychology on how to work with your mind and body to enhance wellbeing and performance in life. These classes and workshops (1hr to half day to 6-weeks) are practical, inspiring and playful small group (4-12 people) experiences. Classes include:

  • Urban Mindfulness 
  • Self-compassion
  • Happiness Science
  • Peak Performance (sport & performing arts versions)

We offer 1-hour drop-in classes and 4- to 6-week programs, as well as half- or full-day workshops. Come try a class in our relaxed, studio warehouse in Collingwood.

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Bespoke presentations

On request, our skilled presenters can provide tailored workshops or presentations on a range of mental health, wellbeing and performance psychology topics. Some of the topics we have presented on recently include:

  • From surviving to thriving: Lessons from positive psychology - the science of individual, organisational and community wellbeing.
  • Urban mindfulness: How mindfulness relates to health, wellbeing and performance, and practical ways to integrate it into modern life.
  • World wide wellbeing: How wellbeing science and mobile technology are combining to spread happiness across the globe.

Corporate + community wellbeing

The Mind Room team can help you develop, implement and assess tailored, sustainable wellbeing frameworks and programs in your organisation or community. We have expertise in:

  • Wellbeing assessment
  • Curriculum and program development
  • Research and program evaluation

Just talk to us about your ideas or tell us what you need and we can talk to you about the possibilities.