It seems now more than ever, everyone is searching for 'happiness'.

Whether it's in our jobs or our relationships, many of us aren't willing to settle for good enough. Instead, we'll search high and low to feel perfectly happy in every situation.

So it's only natural that the who's who of Happiness Psychology would put together an entire event that explores this elusive concept of happiness. The Happiness & Its Causes conference is designed to take you on a journey that explores happiness' causes, consequences and questions its permanence.

It's happening on the 22nd and 23rd of June, and the line-up of speakers is better than 2017's trendiest music festivals*.


The Dalai Lama himself is set to dial in via video conference, and leading humanitarian, Buddhist monk, acclaimed photographer and best-selling author, Matthieu Ricard will be making the trek out to speak too. Added to this is best-selling author of Flow: The classic work on how to achieve happiness, Professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi who is also set to appear.

And of course, our very own Dr Jo Mitchell, Clinical Psychologist.

Big. Deals. The lot of them.

If you're anywhere near the International Convention Centre in Sydney next week, make sure you get yourself along to see our Jo shine amongst the biggest stars in positive psychology. 

You'll be happier for it, promise.

*Perception of trendiness of line-up may depend on level of nerdiness re: Happiness Psychology

You can register for the Happiness and Its Causes conference here.